15' x 18'

The Master Bedroom contains a queen sized bed, with a white iron headboard, white painted dresser, and bedside tables. The walls and woodwork are painted off-white, and two windows face west. It is at the south end of the 15’ x 15’ library, containing a west facing bay window and working fireplace. Because there is no wall between the two rooms, unobstructed long shots are possible in either direction, and the library can be used as a sitting room in conjunction with the bedroom.

Adjacent to the master bedroom, the shooting bath is separated by a "wild wall" which slides completely out of sight, allowing equipment to be set up in the 15’ x 18’ space of the bedroom. The bathroom contains a tub shower, a glass stall shower, toilet (which is hidden in a corner and out of the way), and a movable vanity with sink. The vanity is finished on both sides to allow head-on shots, and can be removed completely for unobstructed tub and shower shots. There is one window facing east, with a bench seat below it. The floor and half walls are white ceramic tile.