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Only 35 minutes from the George Washington Bridge and Manhattan, Douglas House is a restored white clapboard farmhouse designed specifically as a commercial film production facility, the only one of its kind. A single daily fee covers the use of the entire house, its contents, and surrounding grounds. There is no extra fee for weekend shooting, and we are within the studio zone.

Douglas House is maintained, fully propped, and ready for your crew. Furniture, pictures, lamps, ornaments, rugs, and all other props and accessories can be moved from room to room according to your creative needs, or we can accommodate any props or furniture you wish to bring. Walls can be painted or covered, and surface alterations can be made.

Features to facilitate set decoration and shooting, and to accommodate crew needs:

▪ Large, fully-propped rooms with high ceilings
▪ At least two entrances in almost every room enable crews to avoid primary shooting areas
▪ Shooting bath with wild wall
▪ Three-foot doorways and wide hallways for easy passage of dollies and equipment
▪ Decks outside most second floor windows for easy lighting
▪ Four working fireplaces with gas logs
▪ Four bathrooms for crew use
▪ Separate, home economist kitchen
▪ Production office for crew use
▪ Make-up room
▪ Wardrobe racks, steamer, iron, and ironing board and 4 tables, 40 chairs available
▪ Wireless internet
▪ FAX and copy machines available
▪ No additional fee for weekend shooting
▪ Scouting of location is encouraged – no charge for tech scouts

Electrical capacity

▪ No additional charge for power – no need for a generator
▪ 400 amps electricity available through boxes in basement and on second floor (3 Legs –2 hot and one neutral – 200 amps per leg)
▪ Both boxes have Cam-Lok connectors
▪ Direct connection through cable chases from basement to first floor, side yard, and driveway minimizes snaking cables through congested areas

Loading and Storage

▪ All props, equipment, and trucks may be left overnight (at owner's risk) – no need to break down your sets
▪ Extra driveway off main converts to loading dock with direct access to second floor
▪ Pillar supported roof over segment of main driveway allows dry unloading in wet weather
▪ Equipment storage room with overhead garage door

Parking and Disposal

▪ Two driveways in which trucks can park, one at ground level by the garage/staging area, and another on the second floor level which backs up to a loading dock
▪ Large off-street parking lot which is completely hidden from the road, and is available for cars, large trucks, catering vans, etc.
▪ Dumpster available for crew use in the parking lot

Contact us for rates and availability!

Phone: 845.359.1477
Fax: 845.359.2945